CO2-eq footprints for packaging

Stop talking about sustainable packaging without evidence. Calculate the CO2-eq of your packaging with ease and win over customers.
In line with EU anti-greenwash regulations, built on eco-cost Fast Track LCA
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Pickler for marketing

Stand out with sustainability

Promote science-based environmental claims for your packaging. 100% in line with Anti-Greenwashing Regulations. Share your proof on any channel via links, embed results in your e-commerce via iFrames, QR codes, or print as pdf.

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Pickler for marketing

Pickler for sales

Support your sales with scientific evidence

Answer any sustainability demands from customers from a single source of truth. Build and share product comparisons for crystal clear, science-based sustainable insights.

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Pickler for sales_Comparisons

Simple and easy data collection

Pickler makes it easy to input your packaging data, no matter the size of your business. Use our intuitive forms, bulk upload via CSV, or connect your ERP via API to get started in no time.

How Pickler works

How Pickler works

1. Simple data collection

Start right away. Effortlessly input any packaging data you have available into Pickler, even if it's imperfect. Use Pickler's intuitive forms, CSV bulk upload, or API, and refine data step by step. Start your sustainability journey without hesitations.

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2. Instant footprint calculations

Pickler's algorithms immideately generate your packaging's environmental footprint. The calculations use up-to-date standardized emissions data, ensuring accurate and reliable results.

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3. Utilize your footprints

Gain complete insights into your product’s environmental impact. Effortlessly analyze and compare the footprint of packaging products and materials. And share your results in your sales, marketing, or reporting.

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Why customers choose us as impact partner.

Our methodology

Credible calculations

Our LCA method is compliant with all ISOs. We use the independent, auto-updated, impact database Idemat to ensure live, credible results.

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Easiest in the industry

Same scientific method and results (LCA) - easier approach. Pickler is specifically made for non-experts and companies lacking data.

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Anti-greenwashing guidelines

Our method and claims are compliant with anti-greenwashing regulations and guidelines (ACM & EU’s Green Claims Directive) and built on complete transparency.

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100% tailored to packaging

Pickler is built for the needs of the packaging industry. Our database and software are 100% tailored to packaging materials, processes, and legislation (e.g. CSRD, SUP, EPR, etc).

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Don’t take our word for it.
Here’s what our customers say about us.

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"We struggled with not having an evidence-backed story for the sustainability of our packaging for years. Pickler allows us to easily support our environmental claims towards our customers."

Wouter Moekotte


"We wanted to offer customers clear footprint insights into all the packaging we sell. But struggled, due to a lack of data points from our many suppliers. With Pickler’s extensive impact database and user-friendly interface - we can fill the gaps and make credible footprints. Showcasing our sustainable leadership in the horti- and floriculture market."

Mirjam Colijn

Marketing & CSR Manager

Together with Pickler, we make our complete scope 3 footprint transparent. As a leader in sustainable packaging, this enables us to help our customers become more sustainable.

Roland van Bussel

Operations Manager
Moonen Packaging

Ready to back up your sustainable leadership with evidence? ‍14 days unlimited free trial. No contract or credit card required.

You’ve got questions.
We’ve got answers.


What is Pickler and how does it work?

Pickler is a footprint calculation software designed for the packaging industry. It helps you easily measure the environmental impact of your packaging materials and products. Get started with just a product name and category. Pickler generates accurate environmental footprint calculations and enables you to share these results in sales & marketing claims or for reporting.


Is Pickler easy to use?

Yes, Pickler is designed for non-experts and is very user-friendly. You don't need any special skills or knowledge to operate the software. It guides you through the process and provides clear, concise information.


How can Pickler help me win over customers?

With Pickler, you can provide evidence-based answers to your customers' questions about sustainability. This helps you showcase your commitment to sustainability and differentiate yourself from your competitors.


Is Pickler a commercial tool?

Yes, Pickler is not just a footprint calculation tool, but also a commercial tool to help you claim your environmental impact to customers and other stakeholders. With Pickler, you can print or publish your footprint reports and comparisons and share them with anyone, anywhere.


Can I compare the environmental impact of different packaging materials with Pickler?

Yes, Pickler allows you to compare the environmental impact of different packaging materials and products. This helps you build and support cases for customers or other relevant stakeholders.


Is Pickler customizable to my specific business needs?

Yes, Pickler is designed to focus on the questions that matter most to your business. By collecting data on the products and materials that are relevant to your industry, Pickler provides tailored answers that meet your specific needs.


What data do I need to use Pickler?

The data you need to use Pickler depends on the size of your business and the number of products you have. For small businesses with fewer than 100 products, you can use a form that guides you through all the necessary steps. For larger businesses with over 500 products, you can connect your ERP system with Pickler using our API. Our data specialists are always here to help you out.


Is Pickler up-to-date with current regulations?

Yes, Pickler is designed to stay up-to-date with current regulations and standards. Your environmental footprint calculations are always accurate and compliant with the latest guidelines.