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Environmental impact reports for packaging

Calculate the impact of your packaging with ease. Answer to the rising demand for science-based sustainability.
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Stop guessing the impact of your packaging.

Secure a competitive advantage by offering customers science-based environmental impact insights for your packaging.


Close more deals

Improve your sales services for customers and reach out to a growing pool of new prospects in need of credible impact data.

Pickler for sales

Create client impact reports

Track the environmental impact of your packaging sales volumes. Help customers reduce impact over time. 

Pickler for reporting

Communicate credible claims

Showcase your sustainable leadership. Share claims in line with anti-greenwashing legislation to attract like-minded audiences.

Pickler for marketing
Data management

Manage entire inventories

Scale footprinting to 1000s of products. Manage large packaging inventories with minimal workload using Pickler's API and CSV features.

Explore data management

How Pickler works

Minimal effort. Instant credible footprint data for your packaging.


Add product data

Fill out the Pickler product form. Start with just a product name, category, and material description. Scale to 1000s of products with our API or CSV import.


Generate impact reports

Pickler's predictive algorithms instantly calculate impact, using market average or worst-case scenario data for your data gaps.


Share your first results

Your first report is done! Impress your stakeholders and share your report via a link, QR code, PDF, or live marketing widget.


Specify data and reduce

The only way from unspecified data - is up! Reduce your footprint results by filling data gaps with specific supplier data.

Why packaging companies choose us

Credible calculations

Our LCA method is compliant with all ISOs. We use the independent, auto-updated LCI database Idemat to ensure live, credible results.

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Easiest in the industry

Same scientific method and results (LCA) -easier approach. Pickler is specifically made for non-experts and companies lacking supplier data.

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Anti-greenwashing guidelines

Our method and reports are compliant with anti-greenwashing regulations and guidelines (ACM and EU's Green Claims Directive) and built on complete transparency.

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100% tailored to packaging

Pickler is built for the needs of the packaging industry. Our LCI database and software are 100% tailored to packaging materials, processes, and legislation (e.g. CSRD, EPR, etc.)

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What our customers say

How packaging frontrunners experience using Pickler.

"We use Pickler to advise and help our customers with effective sustainable packaging alternatives, grounded in independent impact data. It enables us to show how clients can reduce both price and environmental impact in line with their goals. The software is credible, easy to use, and the reports are visual and easy to understand. Pickler's customer support is great - and the software delivers exactly what we need. Pickler supports our ambition to bring our sustainability services to the next level.”

Michelle Verdaasdonk

Office Manager

Van Gennip Verpakking

When I first signed up for Pickler, I instantly grasped its value - making my first calculations within minutes already. It’s so easy. You immediately see where your product’s biggest impact comes from and can compare these so-called hotspots to sustainable alternatives. This helps us understand and make sustainable product improvements. A solution we were looking for, for a very long time already.

Jan-Peter Ruis


Max cases

Together with Pickler, we make our complete scope 3 footprint transparent. As a leader in sustainable packaging, this enables us to help our customers become more sustainable.

Roland van Bussel

Operations Manager

Moonen packaging

We wanted to offer customers clear footprint insights into all the packaging we sell. But struggled, due to a lack of data points from our many suppliers. With Pickler’s extensive impact database and user-friendly interface - we can fill the gaps and make credible footprints. Showcasing our sustainable leadership in the horti- and floriculture market.

Mirjam Colijn

Marketing & CSR Manager

Koen Pack

We wanted to gain measurable insights into the impact of our C2C certified packaging. Both to enable customers and end-consumers to make sustainable decisions based on facts. We struggled finding a quick, easy, and understandable solution. With Pickler we now share environmental scores of our packaging on our website and in direct sales. Providing extra value to our customers.

Mette Jenssen



“There are many good things I can say about Pickler. To sum it up: Pickler works really well for what we need. We easily compare different tailored solutions, show them to our customers, and let them choose what they feel is best for their goals. It’s great to have an affordable, independent partner we can trust for credible results.”

Jan Koelewijn


Pack Company

Questions? We love giving answers.

Why do I need to start with Pickler now?

The upcoming EU law on green washing will prohibit green claims that are not backed up by good evidence. ESG Reporting legislation (CSRD) requires annual improvement in input data. Since we see that raw supplier data is not widely available across the packaging industry, it can easily take 6-12 months to get high quality data from your supplier. Pickler helps you start already in an efficient manner to collect the right amount of data and help you to fill in the blanks in the meantime with market average impact data. Front runners already start requesting reliable footprint data from their suppliers, since they know it can take some time.

Can I try Pickler for free?

Yes! Pickler offers a free plan. From your free plan you can run free trials for all Pickler's features: Marketing, Sales and Reporting. Start your free plan here:

How does Pickler work?

Pickler creates instant credible packaging impact results based on whatever product data you have available. How it works: 1. Input your data via form, bulk import (500+ products) or API (data gaps are filled with worst-case scenario data) 2. Pickler instantly calculates your packaging impact 3. Share your results with clients via QR code, PDF or live link 4. Improve your results by filling the data gaps with specific supplier data.

What is Pickler's mission?

99% of the packaging industry sells and makes environmental decisions based on gut feelings instead of credible emission data. Even though ESG reporting legislation and anti-greenwashing demands (B2B and B2C) increase every month. Pickler's mission is to help the packaging industry reduce 100 million tons of CO2-eq in 2025. We do so, by enabling packaging suppliers and buyers to make informed environmental decisions about packaging - based on transparant, up-to-date environmental impact data. Because without credible emission data, it is impossible to report and know where to focus our efforts to reduce emissions.

What makes Pickler a credible footprint partner for packaging companies?

Pickler's focus on packaging enables us to provide a tailored solution that includes - and is updated with- the latest sustainability legislation, supply chain collaboration, products, and materials relevant to packaging businesses. Meaning: you don't have to sift through irrelevant data or complicated calculations that don't apply to your industry. As independent party, Pickler ensures credible, up-to-date footprint results in line with ESG reporting (e.g. CSRD) and the latest anti-greenwashing guidelines and regulation (Green Claims Directive). Making Pickler a trusted partner to reach your own- as well as support your customers' impact reduction targets over time.

What data do I need to start with Pickler?

Lack of product data availability is a big struggle for companies that want to start calculating packaging impact. Pickler helps you get up and running immidiately with the data you have available. The minimum amount of data to start with Pickler is a product name, category, and material description (bill of materials). Get your first results either by filling out the product form or bulk upload via CSV/API. We fill the gaps with market average or worst-case scenario data. Your next step: fill these gaps with product specific data.

What is Pickler?

Pickler is powerful footprint calculation software for the packaging industry. It's designed to easily calculate the environmental footprint of packaging (at scale) and make science-based environmental claims in your sales, marketing, and reporting. Pickler is the first packaging footprint software specifically built to be understandable for non-experts and used for communication in line with anti-greenwashing legislation.