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Don’t risk greenwashing. Substantiate your green claims with science-based transparency.

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Answer to fast growing demand for impact data. Service your customers from a single source of truth and close more deals with higher margins.

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Footprint calculations per product. Science-based and in line with legislation.


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Work together with your team and work from a single source of truth.

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Why customers choose us as impact partner.

Our methodology

Credible calculations

Our LCA method is compliant with all ISOs. We use the independent, auto-updated, impact database Idemat to ensure live, credible results.

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Easiest in the industry

Same scientific method and results (LCA) - easier approach. Pickler is specifically made for non-experts and companies lacking data.

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Anti-greenwashing guidelines

Our method and claims are compliant with anti-greenwashing regulations and guidelines (ACM & EU’s Green Claims Directive) and built on complete transparency.

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100% tailored to packaging

Pickler is built for the needs of the packaging industry. Our database and software are 100% tailored to packaging materials, processes, and legislation (e.g. CSRD, SUP, EPR, etc).

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