Integrate footprint claims in your e-commerce

Empower customers to assess the sustainability of their purchases. With Pickler’s e-commerce feature.

Wow customers. Make sustainability a purchasing option.

Pickler’s e-commerce integration enables you to link the environmental footprint results of your packaging products to your website.

Integrate customizable iframes

Customizeable iFrames of your packaging's footprint results make it easy to share key sustainability information with customers.

Always up to date

Automized impact data updates, ensure your website claims are always up to date and relevant. As required by anti-greenwashing regulations.

In line with EU regulations

Don't worry about making claims you can't substantiate. Eveything you embed using Pickler, is in line with anti-greenwashing rules. No risk for reputation damage.

Ready to back up your sustainable leadership with evidence?
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What is Pickler and how does it work?

Pickler is a footprint calculation software designed for the packaging industry. It helps you easily measure the environmental impact of your packaging materials and products. By collecting data on your products and packaging, Pickler generates accurate carbon footprint calculations and allows you to make informed decisions about your sustainability efforts.


Is Pickler easy to use?

Yes, Pickler is designed for non-experts and is very user-friendly. You don't need any special skills or knowledge to operate the software. It guides you through the process and provides clear, concise information.


How can Pickler help me win over customers?

With Pickler, you can provide evidence-based answers to your customers' questions about sustainability. This helps you showcase your commitment to sustainability and differentiate yourself from your competitors.


Is Pickler a sales tool?

Yes, Pickler is not just an analysis tool, but also a sales tool that can help you communicate your environmental impact to your customers. With Pickler, you can print or publish your footprint reports and comparisons and share them with your customers.


Can I compare the environmental impact of different packaging materials with Pickler?

Yes, Pickler allows you to compare the environmental impact of different packaging materials and products. This can help you make informed decisions and choose the most sustainable options.


Is Pickler customizable to my specific business needs?

Yes, Pickler is designed to focus on the questions that matter most to your business. By collecting data on the products and materials that are relevant to your industry, Pickler provides tailored answers that meet your specific needs.


What data do I need to use Pickler?

The data you need to use Pickler depends on the size of your business and the number of products you have. For small businesses with fewer than 100 products, you can use a form that guides you through all the necessary steps. For larger businesses with over 500 products, you can connect your ERP system with Pickler using our API.


Is Pickler up-to-date with current regulations?

Yes, Pickler is designed to stay up-to-date with current regulations and standards. This means that you can be confident that your carbon footprint calculations are accurate and compliant with the latest guidelines.