Case studies

Discover the sustainable success stories of Pickler users.

Panaro MAX® cases: Industry’s First to disclose CO2 impact of industrial cases with Pickler.

How Panaro MAX® Cases calculated and shared the impact of every product with Pickler.

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How PurePack uses Impact Metrics to guide sales

How PurePack uses Pickler to calculate the environmnetal impact of packaging cases for customers.

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How this packaging reseller secured a €140.000 deal by showing CO2 reduction plan

How this large packaging reseller secured a 140.000 deal by showing a CO2-eq reduction plan with Pickler.

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How this packaging reseller increased retention with a high demanding customer

How this packaging reseller used product footprint data on their packaging to help their customer reduce environmental impact.

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Pack Company reduces Customer's Packaging Carbon Footprint by 20%

Frontrunner Pack Company uses Pickler to support customers in their reduction journey. This is how.

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