How this packaging reseller increased retention with a high demanding customer

How this packaging reseller used Pickler to increase retention with a high demanding customer.


Zazala Quist


February 22, 2024

Key insights

1. Involved with- and gathered detailed product data from their top suppliers.

2. Created footprint comparisons for 20 top bestellers to be used by sales.

3. Secured a longer lasting relationship with one of their top clients.

Lack of footprint data

Customers' client requested credible evidence to meet reduction targets. However, the customer was not able to fulfill this demand. Customer needed a tool to calculate the environmental footprint for all their products, even though they did lack a lot of data from suppliers.

Why Pickler?

Company chose Pickler for 3 reasons:

  1. Scaleability: Pickler's API and easi import enables mass footprint calculations.
  2. Comparison feature: Pickler's comparison features enables sales professionals to easily compare scenarios in terms of products, materials and processes for customers.
  3. Pickler's algorithms and database: Pickler's algorithms and database help customers who lack supplier data, fill the gaps and make credible footprints within no time.

How do you measure the footprint of packaging?

Pickler calculates the environmental footprint of packaging using its scientific LCA-based Pickler methodology and the IDEMAT database. These are compliant with ISO 14040, 14044, EN15804, and the LCA handbook of the ILCD. Ensuring the integrity and reliability of data used in Life Cycle Assessment (LCA).

No matter the number of products - Pickler connects your product data (e.g. BOM, production processes, transport, etc.) - to average scientific impact data from its independent, auto-updated database Idemat.

The result: environmental impact results (carbon footprint + 4 other impact categories), ready to be shared 100% in line with anti-greenwashing regulations.

Read about Picklers’ specific footprint results here.

Packaging that supports reduction strategies

Company's key-account manager created the top 5 improvements with Pickler in an afternoon to discuss with his client. By giving his client credible evidence he was able to secure a longer lasting relationship with one of their top clients and think along with their reduction targets.

Scaling up

The customer will now use Pickler to onboard more sales reps and roll out Pickler to 200+ clients. Ensuring ready science-based footprint data for every client.

Zazala Quist

Head of growth

Hi, I'm Zazala - Head of Growth at Pickler. I've worked in impact measurements for many years and experienced first hand how difficult it can be for businesses to start. My goal: share my practical knowledge to make environmental sustainability accessible and understandable to business. Have questions about this topic or just want to chat? Reach out to me via email or LinkedIn!