How to use Pickler to boost your Sales & Marketing

Pickler enables you to share your environmental claims in sales & marketing. This is how you use Pickler to win more sales and claim your frontrunner position.


Zazala Quist


May 25, 2023

Key insights

Environmental claims are claims you make about the sustainable benefit(s) of your products. They're used by sales & marketing to win over customers and showcase a sustainable frontrunner position.

Think of claims such as:

  • Our product is more sustainable than…
  • Our products are environmentally friendly, because…
  • Our product has a low(er) carbon footprint
  • Our product has xy features, which is better for the planet.
  • Our product is fully recyclable
  • Our product uses x% recycled materials
  • etc.

The problem: only 1% of the packaging industry has the correct proof to support these claims. This means most claims can be categorized as greenwashing. Even if they were made with good intentions.

Our mission is to ensure that doesn’t happen to you. After reading this blog, you know:

  1. What proof you need to make environmental claims
  • Why this environmental proof is crucial for sales & marketing
  1. How to use Pickler to win & retain customers in sales
  2. How to use Pickler to boost your marketing without greenwashing

1. The required proof for environmental claims

To prevent greenwashing for your products - Both the Dutch ACM* as well as the EU’s new Green Claims Directive require proof in the shape of environmental data on your product. 

You get this data by calculating the environmental footprint of your packaging. Which is exactly what Pickler does. 

For example, if you state your packaging is sustainable because of a certain material you use. You need environmental data that proves it - and can be accessed by stakeholders. You need to answer the question:

Is the environmental footprint of this material really less impactful than the previous one? 

* ACM = Dutch Authority for Consumers & Market

Pickler’s eco forecast.

Why environmental proof is crucial for sales & marketing

Environmental claims are increasingly made in sales & marketing, to attract and retain customers. The most common reasons: 

  1. Customers are afraid of greenwashing accusations
  2. Customers need to prepare for upcoming EU reporting legislation
  3. Customers want their purchases to be in line with their sustainability ambitions 
  4. Customers want to answer consumer demand for impact transparency

This means that claims based on, well - nothing - are no longer sufficient. And can make you lose sales or damage your reputation. 

How can we prevent that?

Environmental claims without data to prove them - can make you lose sales or significantly damage your reputation.

2. How to use Pickler for sales

Pickler provides you with all the info you need to convince customers you’re the most sustainable option. This is how:

a. Create a single source of credible truth

Bring evidence-based confidence and efficiency to your sales processes. Create a single source for all your environmental claims in Pickler. Add any amount of products, and instantly calculate the environmental footprint data you need. 

No more searching the internet or bothering colleagues: 

  • Make the footprint calculations for your packaging yourself
  • Share your results internally with other departments
  • Or ask your sustainability colleagues to work in Pickler too and collaborate

b. Create comparisons

You can compare the footprint of different products in Pickler. This enables you to support your cases and give advice to your customers on the most sustainable purchases. Either:

  1. Use Pickler to compare the footprint of different products you offer.
  2. Use Pickler to compare new more sustainable products to previous ones.
  3. Compare your products to a scenario product and see what would happen if you change materials, processes, locations, or end-of-life options.

c. Share your results anywhere with anyone

Give customers more time to look at your product’s footprint.

Download your eco forecast as pdf. Or share it online with customers via a link. You can decide how long the link's active, and if you want to show the detailed section of your footprint.

Share your eco forecast via an active link,

3. How to use Pickler in marketing

Pickler provides you with the information you need to show your audiences you commit to greenwash-free impact transparency. This is how:

a. Make greenwash-free claims

Use Pickler to promote impact without greenwashing risks. Pickler’s method and output are completely in line with EU Green Claims Directive and Dutch ACM* guidelines. And report all the impact information required by upciming EU legislation, such as the CSRD.

Every claim you make on your website or social channels always links back to the full footprint (eco forecast). Ensuring consumers find clarity and transparency, instead of more questions.

b. Publish via any marketing channel

LinkedIn, Instagram, Tiktok, your direct products or your website. 

Choose the part of your eco forecast that best supports your claim. For example. the impact of a certain material, or % of recycled materials used, etc. And share your Pickler results on any marketing channel via iFrames or a QR code (e.g. print QR codes on your packaging.) 

iFrames are a kind of online label highlighting the most important information from your eco forecast- and always link back to the complete forecast.

LinkedIn post example

c. Integrate impact into your e-commerce

Many Pickler customers are in e-commerce. They want to integrate sustainability into the decision-making process of their customers. 

Pickler’s API enables you to link your Pickler results to your e-commerce website and share iFrames next to your products or other important pages. 

Start with Pickler today

Sustainability doesn’t have to be difficult, take years, or cost you a fortune. Pickler’s made for non-experts to make credible claims within minutes. All you need to get started is a product category. 

So - what are you waiting for?

Zazala Quist

Head of growth

Hi, I'm Zazala - Head of Growth at Pickler. I've worked in impact measurements for many years and experienced first hand how difficult it can be for businesses to start. My goal: share my practical knowledge to make environmental sustainability accessible and understandable to business. Have questions about this topic or just want to chat? Reach out to me via email or LinkedIn!