About Pickler

We help packaging companies realize real sustainable change with their products. This is our story.

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Our mission

Packaging accounts for 5% of the global emissions. The demand for environmental impact reduction in the packaging industry by governments, consumers, and corporations, has never been higher.

However - only 2% of packaging resellers have the required proof to support their sustainability claims. This means 98% risk damaged reputation by greenwashing, loss of customers, and high compliance costs. 

To solve this issue, we built Pickler. Pickler empowers packaging resellers to easily calculate and reduce the impact of their packaging and promote it in their sales and marketing. Completely in line with anti-greenwashing guidelines and regulations. Helping customers realize effective impact reduction with their packaging.

Our mission: Battle false sustainability claims by making science-based impact insights on packaging accessible to all. Creating a market where effective impact reduction decisions are made to help us achieve the necessary 55% CO2-eq reduction target for 2030. 

About the founders

Pickler was founded in 2021 by Koen de Beer and Daan van Hal. Both serial entrepreneurs with an extensive background in innovation and venture building.

Working with many packaging companies for their previous jobs, their interest in packaging was soon triggered. As a result, they decided they wanted to purchase a company that manufactured sustainable packaging in 2020.

However, they soon realized a big lack of sustainable evidence for the sustainability claims and often followed high sales prices - made within the industry. That's when it dawned: how can we meet our worldwide carbon reduction targets if companies aren't transparent about the impact of their offering?

Instead of buying the company - Daan and Koen decided to dive into this lack of impact transparency in packaging. How can we make data-driven sustainable decision-making in business as easy as possible?

The idea for Pickler was born.

Partnership with Sustainability Impact Metrics

To ensure independency and credibility towards our customers, we teamed up with- and are proud sponsors of the foundation Sustainability Impact Metrics (a spin-off of the Technical University Delft).

Together, we developed an instant, scalable and transparent Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) - based method for packaging. Called 'Fast-track LCA'. Additionally, we use their independent impact data base Idemat, which is maintained and constantly updated with new peer reviewed EPD and LCA data - by the foundation.

The purpose of the foundation is to scientifically stimulate Sustainable Production and Consumption by creating, maintaining, expanding calculation systems to publicly promoting quantitative product impact.

Meet the team

Tess Heeremans, Pickler

Léa Smadja

Sales Professional

Tess Heeremans, Pickler

Janno Kapritsias


Tess Heeremans, Pickler

Jaraslau Babich

Lead developer

Tess Heeremans, Pickler

Sam Slotemaker


Tess Heeremans, Pickler

Tess Heeremans

Head of Methodology

Tess Heeremans, Pickler

Daan van Hal

Co Founder

Tess Heeremans, Pickler

Koen de Beer

Co Founder

Tess Heeremans, Pickler

Zazala Quist

Head of Growth